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New SIPA Site Coming Soon

Hi! For over a year now I have been hosting the SIPA's website but that will soon be changing, as I am setting SIPA up with its very own site! Until then, please feel free to contact us through this site. Here is the basic information about SIPA:

The goal of SIPA is for local independent publishers and authors to share their experiences with all aspects of the creation of books: writing strategies, editing and proofreading, formatting and font, art and cover design, print-on-demand, and marketing and sales. By working together, we hope to network and build energy around the locally produced book.

SIPA is a Resident Arts Organization of the Chelmsford Center for the Arts (CCA). SIPA holds monthly networking meetings on the 4th Thursday of the month at the CCA, as well as weekly Friday drop-in hour at the Java Room from 8am-9am.

There is no cost to joining SIPA, though we may at times host events to which there will be a cost to cover expenses.

If you have questions or would like to attend, please write to Laura Marshall at To stay up-to-date on SIPA activities, and to receive reminders for the meetings, subscribe at

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